The End is Near

…..the end of my semester!!!!

So I have been out a little longer than I’m proud of. Life has been crazy. Finals are no joke! Let’s see what you’ve missed…

I still haven’t found out how to make money while shopping/online shopping/Pinterest so I got an internship!!!! Yup, I’m excited:)

I went to the last party of the year. I was so sad until I realized I still live in the area and a lot of people hang around the area. Regardless, it was good to party with my “twin” and my roommate one last time! We love the idea of loose-ish tank tops with form-fitting skirts. It’s fun, effortless and so easy to dance in!

IMG_2846 IMG_2847

iPhone pictures in the dark outside…super glamorous and clear!!!! Jokes.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and since I have the best mother we celebrated! We had homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast (yum) then went out to lunch with the whole family!

IMG_2854 IMG_2856 IMG_2859

It turned out to be so much fun that by the end, everyone was tired!


I’m done with school TOMORROW and then the real celebrating begins!!! And then we can say…



What is this Weather?!

But seriously! It’s dreary, cold and it makes me want to sit in the library all day and study. Maybe with finals approaching this is a good thing…but really?

So you have cute J.Crew chino shorts you were really hoping to wear? Nope. Save them for the weekend!

This week is all about leggings, t-shirts, light cotton sweaters and….rain boots (sad, I know.)

It will get better! Enjoy this comfy-barely-have-to-try fashion while it’s weather-appropriate!

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I’ll be using my Lilly Pulitzer umbrella in Chiquita Bonita that seems to go with everything!


Rainy and a Monday…here it goes!


Dress Code: Office

Day dresses are the thing. But what about a day dress you could wear to the office? Now that I got my internship (and my roommate got hers, yay!) we will be office girls this summer! We all know the blazer and pencil skirt look…but why not a fun but appropriate dress?


Loft. J.Crew. Anthropologie. Forever 21. Target. Urban Outfitters. Closet Candy.

BUT FIRST…make sure your office doesn’t have a specific dress code!

And for those of you still looking for internships

Hey. It’s Thursday!!!!

Love Yourself First

Morning work-outs have been super addicting! You can only imagine how excited I was THIS morning when I got to wake up and see the sun instead of pouring rain! Finally…sunshine and the world is right again!

Last night, Miss Greater Springfield Jen Gilbert came to speak to the whole GMU Panhellenic population about positive body image. She talked about how weight is just a number and size shouldn’t define you. She didn’t stand in the front to talk about how we should all just enjoy being fat….she eats healthy and has run two marathons! Don’t stop running!


Having a positive body image is so important for enjoy fun fashion trends! Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable about fitting into a dress. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Everything in moderation. I’m not dietician, but my mother has taught me well. Lean chicken and vegetables for dinner and ice cream for dessert? Nothing wrong with that! Food should make you happy. It’s a privilege not a punishment.

Dove is a huge sponsor of positive body image!


Who are you scared of judging you anyway?


Follow Jen on Twitter as she preps for the Miss Virginia pageant! @twothumbsup_jen

The Long Way

Trend I am loving for this season? Maxi skirts!!! I’ve always been too scared because I’m worried they’ll look dumb on me. I wasn’t blessed with long legs like my girl Candice.


Oh well! I’m taking a leap and the next time I shop I hope to have one in my possession! I love the way these maxis look with jean jackets or a chambray top and wedges!

afd68676d8938d76a15c0b6308bb57ec ed969862cae7558282b63a60286fda5f 6ea3435fe359d6bfeece1f43bd782e9c 99e47c951a0eb5eb07d9fff58cee179b 4b54d87d445b275a25935c2c62d785d1

And if you’re worried about where to find these….

You can also check out this cute little online boutique! You’re already on the Internet…why not check it out?

Speaking of shopping…


Appropriate, right?

It’s Tuesday! Enjoy yourself! Have some Qdoba!


This past weekend was my sophomore year sorority formal! It was so exciting I can hardly describe it. I got to wear my bright coral dress, nude pumps and even got new stud earrings to match!


I had to do a separate photo because it’s hard to see in my pictures! They’re from Express.

I was due for a haircut so I decided to do something crazy and get my hair trimmed the morning of formal so she’d style it for me! I think it turned out well so if you love it let me know and if you hate it just say nothing!!! Nobody likes rain on their parade…or hair for that matter.

Spring formal is so much fun because all of my sorority sisters ditch the black and opt for color. It makes for much better photos!!! My date wore a pale yellow shirt (looks white in the photo) and blue tie. Colorful and matches without ANY pink per my request. I hate boys in pink. Not sorry.


I hope you get some cute ideas for your next formal/event now here’s a little inspiration!


Sucks it’s raining but….Happy Last Week of Classes!

Countdown to Gatsby: 12 days!!!!!

Time Not Wasted

Today’s post is all about time. How do you use it wisely? Do you have enough? But most importantly…how do you keep time?

Maybe you like a colored face to add that pop of color to your everyday look.

MKY1LP8_mn _7814076 _7814060 _7899578

Perhaps you’re more into classic with roman numerals.

_7862751 _7862294 MKY1L8P_mn

Or would you prefer a leather strap?

_7861771 _7824333 MKY1M3N_mn

Do you prefer no numbers at all?

_7814274 _7924061 _7826758 _7896518

Maybe you hate round all together and would rather have a very feminine square look.

_7926595 _7900983

I love having a watch on my wrist. Not only is it fashionable and easily stack-able…

debbc5dc05e1a344a6a1da3a8e6d1aad d5cb4afea337366185c31d3be19d7aeb d3e4142ebe7ec8de0e73ed42d57706d5 2fbe4693be3453ccb13b996b0a605a94 e33094f3e589207070b704f02010eb93 1e2386294de2b9349dd8e0dcb2f68e50 640df5a74e83d80d92b08da71a97ab39

…but it helps me keep track of time.

I don’t know the answer whether or not I have enough time, but I know I HAVE time and I’m not trying to waste it! Here’s just one way to spend time…


NOT Thursday

I am having this issue where I keep thinking I’m a day ahead. Today is NOT Thursday. Today is NOT Thursday. I really wish it was! I’m way too excited for formal this weekend!

I know I usually post much earlier than 10 AM, but my 10:30 class was cancelled so I decided to sleep in a little and go outside to run. There was sunshine and a cool breeze…I thought I was dreaming! When I woke up I had debated about running. Then I referenced a pin I saw last night and I was ready to go!!!


Last night I picked up my sister from the metro and we went home for dinner. As you know, I am lucky enough to have a car which transports me not only to school, but also home whenever I need it. Since she lives in the city, my sister does not have this luxury. Luckily, I was able to swing by and pick her up so we could all enjoy each others’ company over home-made salmon and sweet potatoes!

It’s shorts weather FOR SURE today! But will it last?!

My favorite are the 3″ Chino Shorts from J. Crew. I recently just got them in hot pink!


Hope you’re enjoying this weather as much as I am!

Happy NOT Thursday! (SO CLOSE)

Tribute Tuesday

This Sunday is my sorority’s Senior Banquet. This is when all the seniors say “last words” to sisters and pass down their Alpha Phi letters and t-shirts. This year is a little different for me though because my big is graduating. I get to give a little speech to her (without crying) and remind her of the impact she’s made in my life. I’m sad and excited at the same time. I know she’s going to be just fine in the real world, I’m just not sure I’m ready for her to graduate?!

In her honor I will do a mini segment known as Lessons From My Big

1. Love the Redskins. My first time meeting her she talked about how she met Chris Cooley. I knew the name…but could not figure it out. Google does wonders.


2. You don’t have to be a housewife to be domestic. She has taught me by example that any college girl can cook for themselves! She makes it seem like we DO NOT need Taco Tuesday or Panera every day…oops. My big can seriously cook/bake/clean ANYTHING! She’s not the type of girl to vacuum in an apron and high heels, but she would probably beat any of those 1960’s women in a cooking challenge.


3. Put others first. My big is one of the most selfless people I know. She is always looking out for others (including me!) She has taught me to be more caring and give to those around me in need of help. My big has the biggest heart!


4. How to dress professional. My first “formal” chapter meeting I MAY have worn a tiny skirt. My big made me go change. At the time I was annoyed, but knowing what I know now, she saved me from humiliation. Let’s just say high-school-and-blogless-Kathryn did not know how to dress accordingly!

316146_2189703113450_844625960_n 303120_2189703833468_1162936820_n

5. Every little thing is going to be alright. My big is probably the only person outside my family that can make my bad day good and my good days PHI-nomenal! Sometimes we all just need a reminder that the bad times are going to end and in perspective, it’s really not as bad as you think it is!

302084_2151022466458_658640660_n 310640_2153799295961_534550337_n

6. Strength. Yes, my big is giving/caring but she doesn’t let herself get walked all over. She knows who she is and what she wants in her life and embraces that. Oh and did I mention she boxes?!


In conclusion, my big has been a great role model. She has had such a big influence on me ever since she took me as her little and has always been there for me. I know neither of these things are done/will change.

Big, I love you to the moon and backkkk!


PS. HUGE shout out to my biological big sister Alexandra! Good luck on your test today!!!!!


This title really makes me miss Gossip Girl…


I still can’t believe it was you all along, Humphrey.

Places I was NOT spotted: Crystal City’s 5k Fridays. That whole inconvenience with the tornado watch RUINED my plans.

Things that ARE spotted:

From Dolce & Gabana and Rebecca Taylor…

NMT5ZVD_mx NMB223M_mx

to J. Crew….

91541_WN8895  41648_WA4747 58528_KE2963 58258_KE0365  43227_BL8133_m

What could be more feminine than some polka dots?!

There is actually an answer: pink polka dots. Or how about polka dots by PINK?


Sorry but there’s no way I am waiting until Fall to start repping!!!

Oh you need some polka dot ideas?! I’m here to help!

6321ad29b2cac7bc45e726cf864e9a1f 26137c4843d68788d87b1537d9772ac9 Evan-Polka-Dot-Dress-and-Bow-Belt casual-outfits-1371 taylor_swift_polka_dot_sweater CF-Fab-Find-Forever-21-Polka-Dot-Sweater-outfit-1_large polka dot passion 2 tumblr_m98l1sEPKA1r4ecmwo1_500 taylor-swift-polka-dot-dress-milan polkad10

Let’s not forget a polka dot classic…  pretty-woman-brown-dress