Good in Red

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday as you all know was Columbus Day. I always remember the holiday because of the song I learned about Christopher Columbus in elementary school music class:

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue

Christopher Columbus, Christopher Columbus

He was a man

My sisters and I still sing it. Thank you, public school!!!

More importantly! This week is Clue Week in my sorority! I am ecstatic to get a little sister and a second niece! More on this later…

I am all about timeless fashion and traditions. One of my favorite for fall is red lips.


I currently am using Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet. There are so many other types you can try too! I just try not to spend too much on my lipstick since I switch it up every other week!!!

What better way to top off your cheetah/leopard look than with a stand-out red lip??


In the wise words of Gwyneth Paltrow:


4 more days til the weekend:)


One thought on “Good in Red

  1. I KNEW you would eventually catch on to how great Lip Butter was! I remember when I tried to convince you and Mom. Lately I’ve been wearing Sweet Tart Lip Butter every day—perfect subtle pink!

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