I Guess You Could Say…

I’ve been super MIA. Summer is not my ideal fashion time! I think I wore crop tops or shorts during the times I wasn’t wearing a bikini! Fall is here and boots are back. Ask me how pumped I am…I’m pumped!!!

I guess you could say…water is in style? So far this semester I’ve gone to more themed parties than regular style parties. Over the weekend I went to an “E” themed party where everyone dressed up like something that started with E.


I was Evian water. Slogan of the night: Don’t tell me you’re drinking Dasani.

I guess you could say…flower headbands are in. Obviously I wasn’t alive during the ’70s when this was the look: floral. But for my bid day (Rushed the Rest, Picked the Best) we got to make our own flower headbands for a down-to-earth celebration!



I guess you could say…the little black dress will never go out of style. But you should already know that! Even the least expensive LBDs look so classy and glamorous when paired with the right shoes and accessories! I’m a huge fan of LBDs with nude pumps and gold or colored jewelry!


Trust me I am trying to get into colored dresses this semester!!!

I guess you could say…I’m kind of obsessed with cobalt blue. And I know I’m not the only one!


Whether it’s a bag, shoes, shirt, dress, jacket or scarf, this color goes well with almost everything! It really pops with neutrals and somehow can be pulled off with other bold colors too!

I guess you could say…junior year is hard. But that’s also because I saved my science general requirement for this semester! I’m getting through it but hopefully I am back for good. I wasn’t really into this whole leave of absence. Fashion first, right?!?

Perfect quote for those of you also working hard and stressing over that one biology quiz that just doesn’t seem to make sense!!!


I guess you could say…I missed this<3


2 thoughts on “I Guess You Could Say…

  1. I LOOOOVE cobalt blue, too! (Also, Gal Meets Glam). I just swapped out my summer wardrobe for winter and I forgot about all these awesome blue sweaters I had!

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