Cheetahs Never Prosper

I finally got to check another thing off my Summer 2013 To-Do List: Go to a beach!



The sand may have been weirdly orange (like a cheetah?) and it may have just been a small beach/park next to the Bay Bridge, but I got the two things I wanted: a tan and memories. I’m fortunate to have such fun and spontaneous friends!!!!

The night before our beach day, my stylish friends Sophia & Caili and I decided to go out on the town!!! After a few failed attempts, we were able to get a cute picture together!


Age update: Happy Birthday to my pledge sister and good friend Sophia!!! She’s finally 21!!!! I can’t wait to celebrate!

Fashion update: bright coral, fiery red and leopard are still sooo relevant for the current/upcoming seasons! Did I mention how well they go together? And I don’t just mean in the same picture!!!


Tory Burch comes out with new animal print shoes each season. This fall she has two styles!


Out of all the animal prints, I like cheetah the best! For the good deals on cheetah/animal print I suggest Forever 21.


I had such a fabulous weekend! It made me so grateful for my fun friends, caring family and my ever-growing wardrobe!



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