KO Takes NY

After months of telling my parents I’m moving to New York City (false, obviously, my shopping habits keep me broke until further notice) they decided to treat me and take me for the weekend! (Thanks Mom & Dad!) It was hot, crowded and so alive! Everything Northern VA is NOT! We had such a great time being able to walk to anything! We got to see glamorous shops and streets I had only seen on Gossip Girl. I felt like a true city girl. A little tourist-y but it’s hard to blend into Times Square!

IMG_3351 IMG_3352


Hershey and M&M world! (and of course brought back fresh peanut butter m&ms)

IMG_3370 IMG_3372

Played Where’s Waldo? in Times Square. We all lost.


Central Park! In a crop top;)

IMG_3367 IMG_3390

Wicked on Broadway!!!!

IMG_3388 IMG_3387 IMG_3386 IMG_3396

And walked around all the necessary stores including Bloomingdale’s Flagship and the same Tiffany & Co. as Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast and one of my favorite summer-reads Summer at Tiffany!

I had a wonderful time visiting the city! If it weren’t for my insufficient funds I’d be living in the penthouse right now!

But who knows what the future holds? Maybe My Fair Fashion will have to re-locate to Madison Avenue 🙂



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