What Have I Done So Far?!

What have I done this summer?

Hmmm…besides my Communication Internship I also have a side MRS Internship in which I go to at least one grocery store a day and unload the dishwasher six times a week. Just kidding! It’s called living with my parents! I’m always happy to help them out because they do the same for me. And somehow haven’t gotten sick of it after 20 years?!

There are perks to dish duties and grocery shopping…I’ve gotten pool time! My time has been split between my parents’ house and Alpha House. The only complaint is I need 2 wardrobes!!!


A few weekends ago I babysat Maggie! While I do love her, I don’t like being woken up by her barking in the middle of the night.


I tried the high-low skirt look! It’s a little more extreme than my dress! A mirror pic. My apologies.


I wore my mint high-low dress to my big (sorority) sister’s graduation party!!! So proud of her:)

phoalexgradto 2 photalexgrado 1

I was in Vogue!


…or something like that!

I’ve always been giving back. Since I have some free time, I’m trying to volunteer this summer. A lot of different organizations need any help they can get and they’re so easy to find! Why not give back!? Yesterday I worked with Girls on the Run at the Fairfax Fair and saw this guy!

phocamelto 3

A camel in VA!



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