One Down Two to Go!

Wow I’ve been gone for a while! I have a pretty valid excuse: my oldest sister got married! As co-Maid of Honor with my other sister Alexandra, we helped the MOB (Mother of Bride) and FOB (Father of Bride) plan this wedding!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIt all turned out so well! My sister was beyond happy in my mother’s wedding dress (no alternations!!!!) Lauren got her perfect husband, John, and Alexandra and I got a brother!

I had so much fun I’m already ready for the next wedding. I always need an excuse to put on a cocktail dress!

This wedding also reminded me what a great family I have. My sister is so compassionate, caring and always willing to give. I am so happy she found a man who is willing to treat her well. My parents have the biggest hearts ever. They held it together during the whole wedding and have provided such love and support to everyone during the whole process. Some of us have tendencies to freak out over the small stuff. Alexandra is always able to find a simple solution while keeping so calm. It such a reassuring feeling.

My sister and her new husband are so in love! I found this quote which I think can describe their marriage very simply.



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