Summer Starts Now

…or when all of my friends come home

My friends all went to Beach Week. You can expect many blog posts due to my recent abandonment. While they’re gone, I’ll be using my time wisely!

This morning my dad and I woke up quarter to 7 (that’s AM) to work out before our Sunday morning blueberry pancake breakfast. Who knew I could be so productive before 10 AM?

I titled my last post “Summer Nights.” Now that you know what to wear, what will you do?! I’ve made my Summer 2013 List!

These are just some things I hope to do before I start my third year of college. Yup, I didn’t flunk out!!!!

1. See Gatsby. I’m ashamed I haven’t seen it yet. The book is my favorite work of literature and I’ve never seen any of the film interpretations. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is on my grandma’s list of approved husbands. So there’s that.


2. Capital Bikeshare. It’s a bucket-list thing for me. I want to bike around Georgetown and then enjoy some Pinkberry!


3. Outdoor movies. DC does Screen on the Green. I’ve never been! Why not try it?! I’m sure I could even involve Pinkberry and a really cute pair of shorts.

4. Go to a beach. Enough said. I just have so many bikinis worth sharing with the open sea…not bitter or anything about Beach Week….

5. Segway Tour! My dad is always all about this idea. I think it’s so futuristic looking and who knows, it could be a good time.


6. Read books. This is something I sadly forgot to do last summer! I finished school and jumped right into a summer class. My brain was still melting by mid-July.

7. Monuments by Moonlight Tour. On a clear summer night with a gentle breeze I enjoy looking at the stars!


8. Shopping. I use my blog as an excuse. How will I write about the trends when I’m not wearing them?

The list is only growing. Summer has just begun! I will not let the fact my roommates work 40 hours a week ruin our summer fun! Only young once and only summer for three months.



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