Live Carefree, Not Careless

Well it’s that time again! The time where I don’t sit in lectures, take notes, pretend to pay attention to a group presentation while really on Pinterest or blogging (just kidding!) I’m finally done with my second year of college!!!!


Now it’s time for some carefree living while I wait for all of my teachers to post my grades. Since it’s summer and I care about fashion and my image yet I want to remain the feeling of free, why not throw on a day dress?

My favorite are from Forever 21 and Target. They know all about the carefree lifestyle I’m after!


Here’s some ideas from Pinterest!


Yes, summer should be carefree and fun but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your excellent taste in fashion! Day dresses and day-into-night dresses just make it easier! It says “I didn’t really want to put too much effort into this but I still look cute!” Or something similar..

Well I’m off to take my grandmother to lunch in a day dress of my own! I’ll post pictures later!



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