What is this Weather?!

But seriously! It’s dreary, cold and it makes me want to sit in the library all day and study. Maybe with finals approaching this is a good thing…but really?

So you have cute J.Crew chino shorts you were really hoping to wear? Nope. Save them for the weekend!

This week is all about leggings, t-shirts, light cotton sweaters and….rain boots (sad, I know.)

It will get better! Enjoy this comfy-barely-have-to-try fashion while it’s weather-appropriate!

ce7b64cbc356710f455b406163315020 0c9b87413be048c149e88abcaa12faf2 7157f789215817ce917b5cb3f97b2a47 59d7a31ab1aee6af55448247f5ce5e71 04fad2eca547a72684c687a28b9f6883 e649abc311177f600a4789e3fecfa1fd

I’ll be using my Lilly Pulitzer umbrella in Chiquita Bonita that seems to go with everything!


Rainy and a Monday…here it goes!



One thought on “What is this Weather?!

  1. It’s Monday, but I already can’t wait for the weekend. Maybe we can go swimming together! Good luck studying for finals =)

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