Love Yourself First

Morning work-outs have been super addicting! You can only imagine how excited I was THIS morning when I got to wake up and see the sun instead of pouring rain! Finally…sunshine and the world is right again!

Last night, Miss Greater Springfield Jen Gilbert came to speak to the whole GMU Panhellenic population about positive body image. She talked about how weight is just a number and size shouldn’t define you. She didn’t stand in the front to talk about how we should all just enjoy being fat….she eats healthy and has run two marathons! Don’t stop running!


Having a positive body image is so important for enjoy fun fashion trends! Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable about fitting into a dress. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Everything in moderation. I’m not dietician, but my mother has taught me well. Lean chicken and vegetables for dinner and ice cream for dessert? Nothing wrong with that! Food should make you happy. It’s a privilege not a punishment.

Dove is a huge sponsor of positive body image!


Who are you scared of judging you anyway?


Follow Jen on Twitter as she preps for the Miss Virginia pageant! @twothumbsup_jen


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