This past weekend was my sophomore year sorority formal! It was so exciting I can hardly describe it. I got to wear my bright coral dress, nude pumps and even got new stud earrings to match!


I had to do a separate photo because it’s hard to see in my pictures! They’re from Express.

I was due for a haircut so I decided to do something crazy and get my hair trimmed the morning of formal so she’d style it for me! I think it turned out well so if you love it let me know and if you hate it just say nothing!!! Nobody likes rain on their parade…or hair for that matter.

Spring formal is so much fun because all of my sorority sisters ditch the black and opt for color. It makes for much better photos!!! My date wore a pale yellow shirt (looks white in the photo) and blue tie. Colorful and matches without ANY pink per my request. I hate boys in pink. Not sorry.


I hope you get some cute ideas for your next formal/event now here’s a little inspiration!


Sucks it’s raining but….Happy Last Week of Classes!

Countdown to Gatsby: 12 days!!!!!


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