Time Not Wasted

Today’s post is all about time. How do you use it wisely? Do you have enough? But most importantly…how do you keep time?

Maybe you like a colored face to add that pop of color to your everyday look.

MKY1LP8_mn _7814076 _7814060 _7899578

Perhaps you’re more into classic with roman numerals.

_7862751 _7862294 MKY1L8P_mn

Or would you prefer a leather strap?

_7861771 _7824333 MKY1M3N_mn

Do you prefer no numbers at all?

_7814274 _7924061 _7826758 _7896518

Maybe you hate round all together and would rather have a very feminine square look.

_7926595 _7900983

I love having a watch on my wrist. Not only is it fashionable and easily stack-able…

debbc5dc05e1a344a6a1da3a8e6d1aad d5cb4afea337366185c31d3be19d7aeb d3e4142ebe7ec8de0e73ed42d57706d5 2fbe4693be3453ccb13b996b0a605a94 e33094f3e589207070b704f02010eb93 1e2386294de2b9349dd8e0dcb2f68e50 640df5a74e83d80d92b08da71a97ab39

…but it helps me keep track of time.

I don’t know the answer whether or not I have enough time, but I know I HAVE time and I’m not trying to waste it! Here’s just one way to spend time…



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