NOT Thursday

I am having this issue where I keep thinking I’m a day ahead. Today is NOT Thursday. Today is NOT Thursday. I really wish it was! I’m way too excited for formal this weekend!

I know I usually post much earlier than 10 AM, but my 10:30 class was cancelled so I decided to sleep in a little and go outside to run. There was sunshine and a cool breeze…I thought I was dreaming! When I woke up I had debated about running. Then I referenced a pin I saw last night and I was ready to go!!!


Last night I picked up my sister from the metro and we went home for dinner. As you know, I am lucky enough to have a car which transports me not only to school, but also home whenever I need it. Since she lives in the city, my sister does not have this luxury. Luckily, I was able to swing by and pick her up so we could all enjoy each others’ company over home-made salmon and sweet potatoes!

It’s shorts weather FOR SURE today! But will it last?!

My favorite are the 3″ Chino Shorts from J. Crew. I recently just got them in hot pink!


Hope you’re enjoying this weather as much as I am!

Happy NOT Thursday! (SO CLOSE)


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