This title really makes me miss Gossip Girl…


I still can’t believe it was you all along, Humphrey.

Places I was NOT spotted: Crystal City’s 5k Fridays. That whole inconvenience with the tornado watch RUINED my plans.

Things that ARE spotted:

From Dolce & Gabana and Rebecca Taylor…

NMT5ZVD_mx NMB223M_mx

to J. Crew….

91541_WN8895  41648_WA4747 58528_KE2963 58258_KE0365  43227_BL8133_m

What could be more feminine than some polka dots?!

There is actually an answer: pink polka dots. Or how about polka dots by PINK?


Sorry but there’s no way I am waiting until Fall to start repping!!!

Oh you need some polka dot ideas?! I’m here to help!

6321ad29b2cac7bc45e726cf864e9a1f 26137c4843d68788d87b1537d9772ac9 Evan-Polka-Dot-Dress-and-Bow-Belt casual-outfits-1371 taylor_swift_polka_dot_sweater CF-Fab-Find-Forever-21-Polka-Dot-Sweater-outfit-1_large polka dot passion 2 tumblr_m98l1sEPKA1r4ecmwo1_500 taylor-swift-polka-dot-dress-milan polkad10

Let’s not forget a polka dot classic…  pretty-woman-brown-dress


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