Back On Track


I decided to take a little break these past few days. I was not feeling like myself. I was feeling more like this guy.


But I don’t even have a scratching post!!!!!

I’m back on track! I am participating in a 5k this Friday with my sister! It’s part of a program in April called 5k Fridays in Crystal City. After, the three sisters are getting dinner! We are nothing without food and bonding time! I’m excited so I’ve been training. I got this awesome app for running outside. It’s called Nike Plus.It tracks your distance and time. So helpful!!!


I wish I could say I was also back on track with my fashion. Unfortunately, I’m still wearing a different t-shirt every day for GMU Greek Week. But I can’t complain!

Yesterday I had an incredible sushi dinner with my big sister! She always knows how to brighten my day! I got to hang out with my roommates after, which is ALWAYS fun. I also read this inspirational quote. If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.



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