Greek Week Begins!

Rise & Shine! This morning I tricked myself into thinking I’m a morning person and went to the gym! It was just me, some women professors and the athletes. It may have been early but now I have the energy and endorphins I need to start my day!!!

Yesterday was a great day. It was the start of Greek Week!


Different fraternities and sororities get paired up to compete in different events like Capture the Facts (today), Aquatics Day (Friday) and the most hyped event Greek Sing (Saturday!) My sorority has had the pleasure of winning 19 out of 21 Greek Weeks. Did I mention we are also the most competitive sorority on campus?


All together it’s a very fun week! And they even pick out our daily outfits for us! They may not be the best (Mason Greeks t-shirt for example…) but it makes my mornings even more effortless! The stylish shirt I get to wear today.


Yesterday I picked out my classes for Fall 2013. Crazy, right?? I’m not even done with spring and they have me choosing my classes! The craziest part was knowing all the seniors (including my bigs) were NOT choosing fall classes. Does she really have to graduate?!?


Speaking of graduating…I decided to look up potential opportunities I could do with my career. After that stressful event, I caught up on a few episodes of Girls. It’s one of those things that is so weird, yet I can’t stop watching it…


Have a terrific Tuesday! And for those of you sitting at your desk bored…I have a little game for you! Where’s Waldo: Kathryn edition!!! Find me in this photo. Hint: I’m an Alpha Phi. That’s an A and a circle with a vertical line through it! Good luck!




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