Tinted Vision

And the warm weather continues. Can it last forever? My mood has improved, my skin is darker (Corrine and I laid out, no judgements!!!), my smile is brighter and life just seems better as a whole.

You may have the shorts, the sundress, the sandals but do you have the SUNGLASSES?

My favorite right now is the big lens and thin frame look.


I prefer the rounded edges for me but my mom can pull off the square!

TB_TY7058_819_A TB_TY7051_262_A

These are all Tory Burch but click the picture for the link!

I have always wanted to pull of Aviators. I have yet to find a pair that doesn’t look stupid on my face. But if you can pull them off like roommate and sister…try these!



Lastly, the one style I could never truly pull off.



And you can’t have sunglasses without a pair of Lilly Sunglasses Straps!


I got mine in Chiquita Bonita!

Remember, click any of the pictures if you want to find out where you can buy these for yourself!



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