Tis Monday

It was a different weekend than usual! Friday I didn’t have work so I went into DC with my mom to visit my sister! We walked around and all got dinner together!!!


That night, I got to go out with my roommates! This is our second official picture together. Last semester we NEVER went out together. I like this new trend!

photo 3

Saturday I got to work all day. I love working so much that sometimes I forget it’s a job and not a hobby I get paid to do! My uniform is only one of the many amazing things about the job. Bless Lilly, heaven just got classier!


I went home after work to baby-sit this one! I promised I would baby-sit in exchange for a meal. It worked.

photo 1-15

Sunday I woke up early and headed straight to campus to get some homework done. Next weekend is a big weekend for me with my sorority’s gala and my sister’s bridal shower! I want to get as far ahead as possible! Besides, today my sister told me she read somewhere people who wake up early are the most successful. I’m on my way!

In the afternoon, I went for a scenic run. It was gorgeous out!

photo 2-14 photo 3-9 photo 4-13

I love running. It’s so nice to clear your head…it’s just so freeing! If you believe it’s impossible to be a good runner, you’re wrong. The only way to get good at running is to run. Pick a scenic route like this one! I got distracted by looking around (and taking pictures) that it didn’t even feel like I had run the whole lake perimeter! You have to start somewhere!

Another tip for exercise? Pick cute clothes! I know they say working out isn’t about how you look during it, but I always find I want to work out harder and longer if I like my outfit that day!


I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on a bad workout.

Make this week THE week!


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