You Call This Spring?!

I am writing to you today about spring fashion while my local weather says it’s 27 degrees. Something is not right…

Last night I went to support GMU Alpha Phi’s first soccer game! I love spending time with the fans and supporting our athletic sisters. I do NOT like how numb my hands were after the game! I spent all night trying to warm up under several blankets!!!!

On the bright side it’s going to be 67 on Sunday!


I’m still going to talk about spring fashion. Dress for the season not the weather, right?

For those of you who have jobs/internships/like to dress professionally I have a challenge for you. Why not make it colorful? Doesn’t that same black pencil skirt and black blazer get old after a while? Here are a few sets I made on Polyvore:


Maybe you need to be slightly more dressy than those, but they’re just for inspiration!

And regardless of which outfit you choose, remember this one lesson and you’ll always look flawless




One thought on “You Call This Spring?!

  1. I am also SO excited for the warm weather this weekend. Maggie and I went on a walk yesterday and she had to go sit on the sunny part of the stairs right afterward. It is too cold to be April!

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