It’s April!

Does this mean it can finally stay feeling like spring?? We will see! The suspense is killing me! Until we know for sure, you can start preparing your wardrobe! My go-to outfit for the beginning of spring weather is jeans (probably leggings), a spring jacket and flats! And then maybe a little cotton v-neck underneath.

You know I love Polyvore so here’s a little glam set I made to give you an example! Because it’s Polyvore, it’s all designers but you get the idea!


Cute trench, like one of these?


These are from Coach, Ann Taylor and Burberry. Oh, you want less expensive??

14302284_130201143000_265x265_pad 14395335_130119063000_265x265_pad 14395305_130119063000_265x265_pad 14242263_121024063000_265x265_pad

These are all from Target!

Also, from Target, $5 leggings and you know they have simple inexpensive v-necks too!

I love flats for this type of weather. Tory Burch, DSW, Steve Madden….



Lastly, top off your outfit with a colorful Lilly scarf! The silk and cashmere blend make them perfect for all year round. The one I chose for Polyvore was the New York State Scarf. They have multiple state scarves! Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, New York, Maryland…and hopefully it doesn’t stop there!

I’m pretty sure this quote displays how the weather is feeling about leaving winter and starting spring…


….if the weather had thoughts! Happy Tuesday!


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