Hocus Focus

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! This means lent is finally over and I’m back to crazy cake-eating right? Ha, wrong! I didn’t even have cake! But I had an amazing Easter weekend!

I got to spend all day Saturday running around and doing errands with my mom. I may sound like a housewife when I say this, but those are some of the most fun days I have. It’s probably because I get to spend the time with my mommy!


This is obviously an old picture (graduation circa 2011) because my mom and I don’t have too many photos together! It’s probably because among her many talents she’s also a great photographer of my sisters and I…but we are working on it!

My sister and I both spent the weekend at our parents’ house. And on Sunday, we both wore Lilly!


I was wearing a gold Lilly belt and carried my new Spring Fling clutch that matched my pants perfectly!


Since I decided to wear my new favorite top from Target (yes, Target!) my sister and mom looked more Lilly than I did! It was still fun! We went to my grandma’s house to bring her to my uncle’s for the big Easter feast. She got us Easter cards! She said mine is the “baby” card because I’m the youngest granddaughter.


It was alright by me! I wasn’t even expecting a card but my grandma is so caring and thoughtful like that. Before we left, my grandma had to change her outfit and touch up her hair and makeup. She even had a fresh manicure in a pretty coral color. Sometimes when I look at her I hope it’s me at age 85!

What’s Easter without chocolate?


My parents got my sisters and I chocolate bunnies! Lindt bunny! Sorry I couldn’t get a photo before the head went missing. I have no idea what happened!

It may not be cake, but I realized I didn’t miss it as much as I thought! Yes, I had my aunt’s pecan pie (omg yum) and a slice of Wegman’s fruit tart…so I guess those count as cake? Oh well, I made it through lent now it’s time to make it through the week! Lent made me realize I just need to shift my focus. At first when all I wanted was cake, I shifted my thoughts to something more beneficial! There’s bad in every day, but why not shift your focus?



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