Move Forward

I feel so honored for being asked to have my own table for My Fair Fashion! It was so great to meet people that actually want to hear me talk about my blog! It was so fun getting to know other people on campus who are as into fashion as I am! And, of course, thanks to the friends that came to support me!


Whoever said tri-folds stopped in elementary school was clearly wrong!

Today’s message is about moving forward. I put myself out there to start a blog and now I’m moving forward with it. I’m sharing it all over the Internet and throughout campus. I don’t know where it will take me, but I know it won’t take me back!

Part of moving forward is letting go of some past. Not all of it…just some. A simple way to do that is donating your gently worn clothes to teens in our area at the Fashion 4 a Cause Kiosk in the JC today!!! And then at night is a wonderful speaker who i was able to meet last night! (Hub Room 1 @ 7)


We can all apply to this quote, right? I mean…I don’t even like re-reading my textbooks. I could do without that! (Kidding, school comes first!!!!)

Enjoy your Wednesday!



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