4 Days 4 Fashion

It’s finally here! GMU Fashion Society’s First-Ever Fashion Week! It even has its own cute name: 4 Days 4 Fashion.


Here’s just a break-down of the events!


Scavenger Hunt at Fair Oaks Mall! Each person will be assigned a task of finding different fashionable items in the stores and taking photos. People can work together, but only one gets the prize! Meet by the CVS at 7 PM.


Networking Event! This is the PR Team’s Lead, Janel’s, project. I am so excited that she even asked me to be apart of it! Stop by the JC Bistro after 7:30 to see my table featuring My Fair Fashion blog! I am making my own tri-fold poster for my table! Definitely come check out my hard work!


Morning – kiosks in the JC for students to donate gently worn clothing. We all have clothing laying around (from de-cluttering our closets!) that we can for sure donate to those less fortunate!

Evening – there will be a confidence boosting seminar. They will be talking about how to improve low self-esteems and improve self-awareness. How perfect is that? We all need a little reminder sometimes, right?! Meet in Hub Room 1 at 7!


FLASH MOB! While you are walking to class between 1:15 and 1:30 you may be able to experience the flash mob! I always miss the ones on campus so here I’m giving you a heads-up so you don’t have to miss out!

Come out to as many events as you can! There has been so much work put into these days so it’ll be worth your while for sure!



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