The Perks of Living Close to Home

I think I should write a book with this title!

My weekend seriously consisted of all the perks I have!

1. My mom came home from a trip this week. I got to go home and have dinner with her! The best part? We decided last minute and it only took me about 35 minutes to get home (rush hour traffic)

2. I get to work at the same place during school and breaks. I couldn’t imagine not being able to work at Lilly!


3. Speaking of work…my mom, dad and grandma came to visit me! I finally got to show my grandma where I work and she was so proud that they bought me lunch on my break!

4. I am still super close to the same shopping centers as my parents! After work, my parents took me out to dinner to show how proud they are of me for working and trying hard in school! Free dinner and proud parents. Does it get any better than that?!


Yes, I got to wear Lilly to dinner with my mint jeans! I told you I’m all about every-day fashion. Fashion for me never ends!

I know not everyone can have the same luxury as me of being so close to your loving, caring family. My family is my support system. They are always there for me and always able to make me feel better. I deal with some things I don’t want to deal with and have undesired stress. No matter what, I know I have family. And I may live close now, but if I ever choose to go somewhere else (like 40 minutes away) the ties will not break.

Appreciate those who love you and forget those who leave you. They aren’t wroth the stress anyway.



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