De-Clutter Your Closet!

Back when I lived at home (pre-college) my mom would have me clean out my closet every spring before I could shop for new clothes. It was nice because I could find things that had been hung on the same hanger or fallen on the ground that I had forgotten about. I could get rid of old clothes or find new ways to wear them. It’s the Fashionista’s Spring Cleaning!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you begin to de-clutter your closet!

1. Does it fit? Maybe it’s a cute shirt and your best friend got it for you for your 15th birthday but sentimental value can only go so far in clothing! If it no longer fits, it can go!


2. Is it in style? There are some things from when I was in high school that are still in style (and fit!) For example, how could I ever get rid of a simple v-neck t-shirt or tank top for under cardigans? Also, cardigans rarely go out of style. I never give those up unless they are damaged/harmed/worn to the bone.

3. Have you worn it in the past year? I don’t think it’s fair to say “past season” because I don’t usually wear my white eyelet shorts in winter! But if I wore them last summer (and they fit) I am definitely keeping them!

4. Is it damaged? For example, are there holes, stains, missing buttons, etc. in any part of it? If so, either repair (for buttons only…patches are NOT in!) or toss! Nobody wants to see your bicep through your sweater!

5. Have you had that t-shirt since before your 20-year-old daughter was born? Sorry, Dad. This one is directed at you! I’ll be home soon to help you de-clutter!

Now that you can de-clutter your closet, you can de-clutter your mind!


Ahhhh…peace at last! Happy Tuesday!


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