The Break is Over

Reality has hit. I’m up this morning getting ready for class after a week of no classes at all!

It is tough, but it’s not too bad! I had a nice break. I got back Saturday and had a much-needed girls’ night with my roommates! Sunday I got my nails done with my roommate Corrine. I got Cute as a Button by Essie and Corrine had You’re a Pisa Work by OPI. Bright, fun colors for a gloomy day! Getting manicures are one of those simple joys that make me just soooo happy! I’m still really happy about it. I felt so relaxed and now I’m ready for a productive week!

photnailso 1579270

This weather is driving me crazy! I woke up to way too many tweets about snow. It took me a good ten minutes before I was ready to look out my window to see for myself. I can’t handle it anymore! I’m ready for my spring wardrobe! To keep me entertained in the mean time…how about some fashion scarves and jewelry so my wardrobe appears refreshed when I’m still just wearing the same clothes?!

PS2142_lav-cl-w100 QN8254-3C_mint-cl-w75 CBN1202976-1A_silv-cl-w100 SAN66178-1M_peac-cl-w100 35493319-02 47350827-02 25482032-04 39376638-02

Can you believe those are all from Francesca’s and Forever 21?!

And then of course, a little Lilly belt never hurt anyone!


There are so many different outfit combinations you can create with this belt! Around a cardigan, dress, skirt, seriously anything! It comes in pink, green, white but gold is my favorite!

Break is over which means I’m back to hitting the books! Well look what I found in my Interpersonal Communication class textbook!


Audrey Hepburn herself! This obviously makes me appreciate the class/textbook much more than I already did! Enjoy your (snowy) day and let’s make it a good week!


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