Land of The Free and

Home of the Fashion Magazines!

Yes, I’m still home on break. I’m such a homebody if I never had to leave I wouldn’t. Anyway, a perk of being home is the magazine subscriptions we have here! Since my sisters and I all live in different places we have our magazines delivered to home base. This morning I got to enjoy my coffee with the latest InStyle issue.


It’s all about color! You have no idea how excited I got! Yesterday, I bought myself a pair of brightly colored pink pants! I think colored pants are so adorable and this color caught my eye. I couldn’t resist!


The best part about these pants? I found them at Target! I believe Target is such a trap. There I was minding my own business getting things on my list…and I come home with bright-colored denim and a new bandeau bikini top!


I will be strategically pairing this new top with brightly colored bottoms.

I love things that are happy and bright…like the sun shining through my windows!

See how fun bright can be?!



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