Color Transition

Happy Spring Break Week!

It is such a nice change to be home relaxing for a whole week! Especially now that the sun’s been shining! Because it looks like spring-weather but it’s still a little cold, I’ve been trying to work spring elements into my wardrobe while still dressing for the weather. We are getting to the point when we get to transition from gross winter to lovely spring! I cannot WAIT!

One idea I have for you eager-for-spring followers is a bright colored cardigan! I love bright pinks, blues, greens and of course mint! Try Lilly, J.Crew or even Forever 21 for an all-year round bright cardigan!

29350_GR6433_m 47749_flutterblue_a1 38290_PK6318_m19571832-11

And for those of you who think 60 degrees is a little too warm for a cardigan….

What about a colored silk top?! My favorite will always be the Elsa by Lilly but there are other options to choose from if that’s not your style!

41773_shorelybluedotdotdot_a1 Screen shot 2012-10-11 at 10.37.58 PM

These trendy blouses are from Forever 21!

21841356-06 24936285-01

Update your wardrobe and just hang in there…spring is near!!!



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