The title seems a little more excited than I actually feel. Instead of going somewhere warm to show off my Lilly shorts/dress/bikini I got to travel the ten miles to my home! I know crazy in-shape people are able to run ten miles, but I’m driving because there’s NO way I could run ten miles while carrying my stuffed bags (or without them!)

phosbbagsto 1

I know. My bags are literally stuffed as if I’ll be home for about a month. Nope. I will be home for just a week. It never sounds long enough to me!


Although I know there are people out there that get to swim and lay out on the beach, I’m okay with just being home with my family for now! My new Jodi Picoult book came in the mail just in time! Now I get to read and then discuss (over coffee of course) with my blogging friend Megan!


Yesterday one of my friends told me people overlook the simple things in life. It really got me to thinking. If we just focused on all the little things that make our lives so great, how wonderful would that be? Take a step back from the big picture today and look at the little things.


I will try to keep posting over break but remember to stay safe and have fun!


One thought on “SPRING BREAK

  1. I have the funniest room mate in world and I am really sad that we will be apart from each other for an entire week. Also, please get your own comedy show. You’re funny.

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