Every Girl Needs a LWD

This spring white is making an impact. White, which we used to save for the months between May and September, is now fashionable earlier. White pants: wear them now!

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If you’re like me, you are used to associating little white dresses with low-key beach weddings, graduations and initiations. This is no longer the case. Now, anyone can wear a white dress for any occasion!!! Except for someone else’s wedding.

47624_resortwhitepiquelace 003aea8af26fa1ccdb0d343b50cdc8a98324f89bc8faf44d0514eb7017025640 47537_goldmetallictinycordedorganzastripe

Go on and get your white on! It’s the same color as snow…that we are supposed to get tomorrow……….that’s only a positive statement if my classes are cancelled!

Happy Tuesday!



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