Show Off Your Pin!

Today March 4th is just another day where I am so happy to be in a sorority. It’s International Badge-wear Day! All of the sorority girls get to dress up and wear their chapter’s pin. It’s another day to show your pride for your sorority! I will never forget the first day I got to wear my Alpha Phi pin which has my initials and initiation date engraved on the back. I finally felt like a true sister and it hasn’t stopped since!

photo 1-37  photo 4-26  photo 5-20

For badge-wear we are supposed to dress professionally. I wore my Dahlia top, black skirt, black cardigan, tights and flats!

56130_splashpinkshowyourstripes_a1 imagtoryflates

The pin represents the morals and values the founders had in mind when creating the chapter. Girls who wear these pins are respectable young women who have been given the honor to wear this pin. I have found these days girls don’t have the self-respect they should have. We forgive easily, take on too many tasks, all together get taken advantage of. Show yourself a little respect today when you’re wearing your pin (or whatever you choose to wear!) I like to have a symbol that represents who I am. Usually it’s my monogram ring or clover necklace. Today it’s those plus my pin!


Happy Monday, everyone!


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