Shoppers’ Saturday

Today is a great day for all you shoppers out there! First and foremost, today is Lunch at Lilly! Not only do you get to shop the brand new Spring collection, but you get little gifts with each purchase!


Next, Kate Spade’s new Saturday store had its first Grand Opening in Japan today! Makes sense…Saturday Grand Opening on Saturday. There aren’t any open in the US YET but here’s the link for sneak peeks!


One of my sorority sisters, Krystal, started her blog!!! Yay!!! She is so fearless and fun, you will want to be her as soon as you read what she has! Check it out here!


Lastly…DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! GMU is in the number 5 spot and we have to keep it there or above until March 25!

Enjoy your lovely Saturday! Don’t forget to shop, blog and vote! You can’t really get much more productive than that!!!



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