Confidence is Key

I always talk about different styles and trends to wear to make you look good. However, without one key term, you will never be happy with any trend. That key is confidence. You have to feel confident in what you wear in order to feel good in your outfit.

body confidence

One day at work a woman was trying on a skirt. She said the material was so unflattering to her body and hugged her in all the wrong places. I literally could not believe it! She looked fantastic and I thought the whole outfit looked great on her. My co-worker said something to the woman that inspired me. She said the most important thing about clothes is feeling comfortable. It’s one thing to look good, but it’s another thing to feel good. I could tell this touched the woman and my co-worker helped her find a different shirt and accessories to go with the skirt.

We are always defined by a number but we don’t have to let that get to us. Size, weight, height…those are all numbers that I won’t let define my life. I didn’t include age because that one is KIND OF relevant! But still. When you step on the scale or get measured, who cares! As long as you’re comfortable, just let it go and be happy! Take Special K’s advice!


Please do not take this as “yes, go ahead and eat that twelfth donut!” Don’t abuse your body. Stay healthy but stay HAPPY!


Don’t let another day go by where you look in the mirror and think you’re not the beautiful and confident woman that you are. Let it shine!


Disclaimer: I’m really not a cat person but these past two days these little cat photos have been so on point!


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