Be There, Be Square

For all of the boys that accidentally clicked on my link and found out this is actually a fashion blog…you might want to read THIS blog instead! My friend Brandon is also a blogger! While I write about fashion, he writes about sports. I swear we could start our own website since both those topics appeal to such a large audience! He even thinks I’m a good writer! (and now my head is huge!!!!) Be sure to check out his Man Cave Material.

While we’re on the topic of nice boys…

Yesterday morning I was looking for a spot in the IMPOSSIBLE campus parking garage for over 20 minutes (GMU problems). I had a midterm in class so I decided to give up and park somewhere super far away. As I was leaving, I saw a random boy walking into the garage so I rolled down my window and asked if he was leaving. He said “yeah, you want my spot? Turn around.” So I did. I then saw him wave away other cars that were trying to follow him just so I could have his spot. He is an angel. He has no idea that was the kindest thing anyone’s done for me in a long time. I’ve never seen him before, but I hope one day I meet him again or am able to give him MY spot!


Either he’s a true angel or the matching clover necklaces my sister and I have really do bring us good luck!

Enough of my life…now for the TREND ALERT!

For those of you who don’t know…square scarves are back!

Here are 3 ways to use them!

1. Around your neck. Now I hope you’re not thinking of the old-fashioned Fred style! Although he does rock that ascot pretty well!


A patterned square scarf around your neck with a simple outfit looks so chic! Think of it more as in place of the statement necklace.


2. In your hair! I am completely obsessed with this look. It looks so cute while not looking as youthful as a little girl’s headband. I wore my Sutton square scarf in Pop to work with a low ponytail. I got so many compliments! I was told it really added to my overall outfit.


3. On your bag! I love love loveee this! I have a plain tan purse but with my Pop scarf, everything seems to pop! Ha ha! But really. It looks so much cuter! It also looks really cute on my blue Longchamp or a cross-body! Square scarves work on any type of bag as long as there’s a strap!


Many designers are making silk square scarves for spring! Obviously my favorite is Lilly Pulitzer’s! I know Nordstrom has their own, Emilio Pucci, Lanvin, Kate Spade and more! And the best part is, if THAT many designers are making them we all know there will HAVE to be inexpensive copies!

While working in sales, my supervisors are always reminding me that what I say matters. That guy in the parking garage? His short sentence changed my entire day and he probably has not even the closest idea that I’m still thinking about it/writing it in my blog.


but kisses work too!



One thought on “Be There, Be Square

  1. I love square scarves! My favorite is a silk one I got from H&M for just $10. I love how it adds color and style to a little black dress.

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