Lilly Poster Child

Yesterday was a fabulous start of the week for me! I hope it was for all of you as well!

The sun was out, I got a lot of schoolwork done (studious), went running (so therapeutic), got to eat 2 meals on campus (no groceries), went grocery shopping (yay I can eat), talked on the phone with BOTH my parents (whoa), fixed my dresser (without help) and added a little art to my room! I now go by the name of Miss Independent. Here’s a photo of my room’s latest artwork!


It was such an easy DIY craft! I cut up a Lilly shopping bag and put it in my cheap frame from Target. So simple yet so cute! And it’s the same print as my curtains!

I also received this birthday card from my ggbig! It made me a proud Alpha Phi and was a good reminder that sororities don’t just last through the four years of college:)


Lastly, I think the thing that made my day the best was my run! It was on the treadmill, but the sun was shining in through the glass windows! It also makes me a step closer to feeling ready for the beach in my new Lilly bikini!


You all know I’m a huge believer in exercise-therapy. It creates endorphins. How can you not be super hyped after an awesome workout?? Today I got on the treadmill next to a guy who was running super fast. It made me ignore my boredom and keep going. It felt so good! He told me he was out of shape so it made me feel not that great…but I still did a personal best! It can only get better from here!


That run may have made my day…or it was the fact I was wearing my Lilly Pulitzer crown jewels scarf underneath my Maddie fleece!


I mean seriously, I wear Lilly on a daily basis, my house is decorated in Lilly and I just made some Lilly art. I might as well be the next Lilly Poster Child!

Keep your head up today. It’s Tuesday, meaning you made it through Monday! Just remember…”today” is always “the day.”



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