Mint Pants!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a wonderful week! This past weekend was GMU’s Homecoming! Unfortunately, Mason basketball ended up losing but my sorority placed second!

We had a fun time and a mixer! My niece and I wore matching Lilly croakies! We couldn’t resist!!!

photo 2-35 photo 3-30

As a late-birthday surprise, my mom got me a pair of pants I have been longing for! They are mint jeggings! I don’t wear real pants…don’t be silly!!!!

All my friends were making fun of me because I have literally wanted colored pants for WAY too long!!! My mom just knew:)

I plan on wearing neutral patterned tops (like polka dots, stripes, etc) and neutral shoes like tan flats/wedges/sandals! Or riding boots until the weather warms up!

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I also helped my mom pack yesterday. She’s going on vacation with my dad in a few weeks and while I’m envious, I decided to help her pack anyway. Packing always makes me think of this picture.


This may not be relevant to my mom’s life, but it definitely describes mine! If I go home for Spring Break who knows WHAT I’ll pack!

Here’s a little something that HAS TO make you smile!


So cute!

Enjoy your week!!!


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