St. Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, followers!


Even though it’s considered to be an over-rated and commercialized holiday, I enjoy it! A few days after my birthday everyone decides to wear different shades of pink and talk about love and eat chocolate. My favorite part is the constant reminder of how single I am!!!! Okay that last line is obviously false. But I am serious! I love love!


I’m also a huge Minnie Mouse fan! She and Mickey are just so cute together!!!

A couple nights ago I called my Grandma to thank her for the thoughtful card she got me for my birthday. And also the delicious cavatelli she made!!! My Grandma said something that really got me thinking. She told me she hopes I do whatever my heart tells me and that I’m always happy. Without background information, this may sound like just some inspiration from an older relative. At a very young age, my grandmother traveled from Italy to America with her husband and two young boys (my dad & uncle!) She left behind everything she knew and came to a place where she didn’t even know the language. She became a seamstress and worked to help support her family along with her husband. While working full-time, she also put a meal on the table for my dad, uncle and grandfather every single night. Nothing has ever been able to stop her. Today, at 85, she runs her own apartments. She has the biggest heart and I know I will never meet anyone like her. She is caring, considerate and sometimes too loving for her own good! (Not all of her tenants deserve the love she gives them!) Although she doesn’t read my blog, I know with every word I write she is supporting me. I can’t imagine a better feeling than that!


This Valentine’s Day remember all the love and support you have in your life. Today isn’t JUST about chocolate! It’s about chocolate & caramel…just kidding!!!!

Valentine day chocolate (7)

And here’s my little Instagram shout out to the one man in my life who’s love for me began at the beginning and has just been growing since!



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