MK Fashion Show

And as I promised…photos from Michael Kors’ Fashion Show.

This first picture appeared on Instagram right as the show started. I got butterflies just looking at it and I’m not even on the catwalk! I was not meant to model.


Here are the photos I found of Michael Kors’ line.

michael_kors_spring_2013 SS13C-MKors-0001_2337806a Fashion_Michael_Kors_Spring_2013-0b7cb Michael-Kors-Runway-Fashion-Week-Fall-2013-Photos  Kors-main_2480307a

I’m not really sure about the message he is trying to convery with that eyewear but I do like the bold color looks he went with! And look how happy he looks!!!


I honestly don’t have much commentary on this show. I’m just really unsure what I’m supposed to think! Post your comments below to help me out!


Michael just always looks so happy!!! Have a good night!


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