I <3 Fashion Week


Okay so yes this is how I was feeling all day! And by the looks of my favorites and re-tweet, I wasn’t alone on this! But luckily for those of us who couldn’t be there, Tory Burch has her Fashion Show live streaming on her website! Or you can just click this link!


There were a few things in her show that definitely stuck out to me!


I love the dragonfly detail! Rumor has it these shoes won’t be the only thing with gold dragonflies!


Textures! I’m so excited for this. I know Tory as well as other designers will be able to do a lot of creative things with textures! As long as the material is right, I am sure it will be a major hit for fall!


Also, reds and oranges are going to be so in! I’m excited and I hope you all are, too! They are such fun and bold colors that will easily fit into my pre-existing fall wardrobe.


Then, of course, Tory herself looking so cute while giving her post-show interviews!!!

The second show I was interested in for yesterday was J. Crew. You should know by now I am a huge J. Crew fan! I just find it interesting they had a show! The other shows are the single (or two, Alice + Olivia) designer! For example, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs. They all designed the whole line and come out after. In J. Crew it’s more of a collective thing. Regardless, I love their trends!

IMG_2139  IMG_2140

They’re going with the mixing prints trend as well as the prints with bright colors. I’m excited! I’m so sick of designers putting out drab fall lines. This fall is going to be as colorful and fun as spring (but with fall-appropriate colors!)


Vera Wang also was yesterday! I’ve never been much of a Vera Wang follower (due to financial reasons) but after seeing the photos of her show, I’m in love!

h-623_w-dxfcgvhbjnk360 h6789-623_w-360  h-623_whhh-360 h-623_w-360

I love that shade of orange! I love the purple! I love the pattern! I love the skirt style combined with that neckline! Yes, it’s love!!!!

Today I am most looking forward to Michael Kors’ show. He always does well in spring and summer so I’m hyped to see what he has for fall!

I find it so funny all the work and time that goes into Fashion Week when the show only lasts about a minute or two! Oh, well! We do it all for fashion! And I hope it never ever stops.



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