From Runway to Your Way

Fashion Week in New York has been going on! Unfortunately, due to location circumstances I am not able to attend. Luckily, I have a laptop and a blog so we can pretend!


This post is called From Runway to Your Way so here are the “street trends” a fellow blogger, Off Kelly’s Hanger has already come up with from runway inspiration!

photo 1-1

The big color featured in this year’s Fashion Week: GREEN. They aren’t the ordinary green that is meant to go with all the Spring florals. They seem to speak more for themselves this year. It is so easy to add bold green hues into your every day looks!

Fashion_Zac_Posen_Spring_2013-0c2f9  1347413290-carlos-miele-show-at-spring-2013-fashion-week-in-new-york_1436867

I just LOVE the color of this coat by 3.1 Phillip Lim!

photo 4

Another trend I’m into is the mixing prints. Also, mixing prints with bright and bold colors! Working at Lilly I have become very accustomed to prints. Mixing them makes for a chic and fun look. I think it is a look that can speak loudly without being too overwhelming. Take a glance at some of these Runway looks to get inspiration for your own wardrobe!

brood-new-york-fashion-week-ss-2013-74  la-ar-new-york-fashion-week-spring-summer-2013-004  New-York-Fashion-Week-Spring-2013-Trends

Lastly, I’m really into the plunging necklines on some of the runway gowns!


I think the style of these dresses keep it classy even though they have a plunging neckline. It doesn’t expose too much of anything! And for bigger chested girls, the length of these dresses keeps it sophisticated!

Last night was Betsey Johnson’s show. It had a lot of buzz on social media but they were talking about the performance rather than the actual clothing. Here are some photos I found on Instagram.

photo 5  photo 3  photo 2-1

I will be posting more on Fashion Week! I hope you liked my mini-critique! This morning Tory Burch and J.Crew will be holding their shows. I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!

Happy Tuesday!



One thought on “From Runway to Your Way

  1. I loved the Kate Spade looks at Fashion Week—they always coordinate accessories so well. I think it’s cool also how Betsey Johnson is always in her own runway show doing cartwheels and stuff. I think she’s nearly 80!

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