Grow UP

I apologize for a being a little MIA these past few days so here I am making it up with a Friday night post. Today I got the privilege of working all day and getting to see the latest shipment of Spring Lilly! It is all sooo beautiful as always!

After work, my sister and I went out to dinner to start my birthday weekend celebration! Yes, I turn 20 on Sunday. That makes me feel kind of old, right? Wrong. Today I learned I still can fit into the little girls’ dresses at Lilly. Youth forever!


It didn’t fit like a glove or anything…I was advised NOT to make the purchase.

I realized it’s better not to be buying little girl dresses anyway.

1. It sounds kind of creepy.

2. I’m 19…

3. I can’t hold onto my youth forever!

I am more than ready to grow up. I feel that some people have a negative connotation of growing up. Peter Pan Syndrome.


I realized I’m perfectly fine with growing up because of all the memories I have. For example, the time my parents took my sisters and I to see a live performance of Peter Pan at the Kennedy Center. I don’t remember all of it, but I remember sitting in the theater being so wowed. I have so many memories (good, bad, easy, hard) that have made up my life up to this point. Those are what I will be cherishing forever.

What is life without memories?

So take off that Little Lilly Classic Shift and slip into a Candice!


Just remember…



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