Fashion versus Food

Today’s post comes with a disclaimer: Mom, please do not be concerned!

Yesterday in my business communication class, we were asked to give a 30-second elevator speech to someone we have always wanted to meet. I gave my speech about how I want to work in the fashion corporate world and how I feel I would be qualified to do so. Just talking about fashion made me so excited and I completely forgot about how hungry I was! Tuesdays/Thursdays my classes are back-to-back aka no lunch break until 2:45. I live off Luna bars and apples. My feelings during this experience brought me to think of a valid question: fashion or food?!


I’m not saying in order to be in fashion you need to stop eating! I am so against anorexic schemes. It isn’t right. If you’re unhappy with your body then hit the gym and eat one less cookie! Please do NOT stop eating entirely. It seriously is not right. Learn to Love Your Body!


Okay, enough of the PSA. What I mean is…would you choose fashion over food?! My favorite character (and possibly who I will become someday minus the whole getting-married-after-40-thing) Carrie Bradshaw had a similar controversy!

Carrie_Bradshaw-bio11001  Carrie_Bradshaw-107

There are girls I know who would choose to buy an entire week’s worth in outfit over an entire week’s worth in groceries. I go far for fashion, but not THAT far! We are all slaves to fashion. Those of you who disagree and think I’m ridiculous, please refer to The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep’s assistant is struggling between two “so different” belts that look exactly the same. Anne Hathaway snickers loud enough for everyone to hear. Meryl tells Anne that she may not think she’s participating in fashion, but the color of the knock-off bargain sweater she’s wearing was inspired from Fashion Week.


Yes, we are all fashion slaves. The only difference is some of us are more aware than others! I spend a majority of my money on clothes, shoes and accessories. Yes, those purchases make me happier than a trip to the grocery store (even though I LOVE Wegman’s!!!)

In the war between fashion and food, all I can say is….



One thought on “Fashion versus Food

  1. When I was in high school and even in college, I used to worry so much about being skinny enough to wear the right clothes. And if I didn’t feel thin enough, that meant I could only wear flowing tops and loose clothes to hide in. As a result, I looked like, 20 pounds bigger than I actually was!

    Here’s what I think about fashion—all the designer clothes in the world won’t help if you don’t love your body first. Once you love your body just as it is, you’re in touch with it enough to know how to buy clothes that really flatter in it. And that’s where food comes in: you show your body you love it by feeding it healthy, delicious things.

    Great post, as always!

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