I’m so, I’m so, I’m so proud of you

This morning my mom sent me a loving e-mail that made me feel so accomplished with my day and it was only 10 AM! She told my yesterday’s blog had really touched her and my dad and they are so proud of me. After 20 years, my writing has improved enough to make my parents feel so touched and proud.


When someone admits they are proud of me or acknowledges something I have done, I am literally glowing for the rest of the day. I love when my family, friends, professors, managers, co-workers notice something I have done and acknowledge me for it. Last semester I learned acknowledgement is a huge part of relationship building. I try to acknowledge people close to me as often as I can! I love having my day brightened but I love even more to brighten someone else’s! Being proud is even relevant in my favorite Drake song! We all know he’s talking to me…

Speaking of being proud…here are some outfits I have constructed that I am genuinely proud of!


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I use Polyvore to help me experiment with different fashion trends and outfit ideas before I buy them or wear them. It’s a lot of fun when I have free time. Unfortunately, these are all old sets except the new one with the spring Lilly Sandrine dress! I couldn’t resist! My favorite couple that isn’t a couple is Lilly and Jack. They just go so well together!

Not everyone is always going to notice every little thing you do. That doesn’t mean you should stop. You’ll always be appreciated and everything you do matters. I always love hearing the random acts of kindness stories. One of my Twitter followers wrote how the car in front of her paid for her Starbucks drink in the drive-thru. The person was a total stranger. She thanked the cashier and proceeded to pay it forward by paying for the car behind her. (A little play on words there!) You may not be told you’re appreciated but there are people out there who are proud of every little thing you do! Just remember that! Happy Tuesday, everyone!



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