Getting Critical

First off, I must do a big belated birthday shout out to my sister Alexandra! I am so happy we got to celebrate together!


Secondly, I hope everyone watched Beyonce last night! She was incredible and literally shut the place down! Literally. I just found it strange how there was a football game going on after Beyonce’s concert! Oh well…go Ravens! I cheer for local teams that have good taste in color combinations!


Yesterday, our adviser came into chapter to talk to us about our sorority’s values. One of the important ones she mentioned was constructive criticism. It’s the little things like telling your friend she has something in her teeth or her leggings are a little see-through! It’s never meant to hurt her, but to help better herself. Being in a sorority is all about bettering yourself. And isn’t that what growing up is all about too?

Her words got me to thinking. Where would fashion be without constructive criticism and other values of friendship? Lilly’s career really took off when her childhood friend Jackie Kennedy began wearing her dresses. I’m sure Jackie had to give Lilly feedback on the fit and style of each dress she wore. This only helped Lilly’s brand become the ultimate empire it is today!

Remember, don’t get too critical! How would edgy and adventurous fashion trends come out if we all were too afraid of being criticized?!

Morals and values are so important to me. It’s probably due to the way I was raised (thanks Mom & Dad!) What can I say…I’m a family-oriented girl, like Beyonce! Since I’m turning 20 in just a few days, I like to think back on past birthdays and see how much I’ve grown. I always strive to be a better daughter, sister, student and friend. I know I’m nowhere close to being perfect, but I hope I’m succeeding!

Lastly, she told us to accept the criticism in a positive way. Like I said, constructive criticism isn’t about hurting others. It’s all about HELPING! That’s why it’s considered constructive.

Here’s a cute little quote that goes along with my message!



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