Staying Glad in the Gloomy

Yesterday was a good day in Northern Virginia. The sun wasn’t out, but it was still 68 degrees all day! We could complain about the cloudy overcast threatening to rain or we could be happy about it being 68 degrees in January. You choose.

Since I had a class cancelled, my mom and I went to the best place to go to on gloomy days (or any days)….Lilly! I’ve obsessed about the entire spring collection and I got my mom to agree also! We may never get the time back, but the clothes and experience is enough for me 🙂 You know it was a successful trip when my mom now knows the style name and print of many items!

Today I decided to wear my bright J. Crew puffer vest in Cherry Red over a black top, jeans and boots. The puffer is colorful enough to transform my usual neutral January outfit to a bright and fun look!

I know it’s still gloomy and January outside, so brighten up your day! Don’t let the weather dampen your mood too much.

Tips for Staying Glad in the Gloomy:

1. Wear Lilly! That’s an obvious one. The bright colors and prints mixed in with your regular blah January look will definitely brighten your mood! And you’re not a Lilly lover, try bright colors like coral, mint, pink, etc.

2. Speaking of colors…Red. Studies show seeing red makes us more alert. Also, February 1st is National Wear Red Day to support Women’s Heart Health awareness.


3. Meet up with friends. These past few days I’ve had lunches/dinners/snacks with close friends to catch up. It’s a change of pace and always is able to improve my mood! Especially when I FINALLY got to see my big for the first time this semester!!! We vowed to never let that much time pass again.

4. Candles. You know I’m a big believer in candles. When you smell a familiar scent it can bring up happy memories. For example, my pumpkin candle reminds me of how much I love fall. Maybe I’m moving in the wrong direction with this…so then I just light my citrus candle! Win-win situation!

5. Smile! Every day I smile at strangers. It sounds weird when I write it, but it always lifts my spirits and I hope it lifts theirs. Virginia is supposed to be a happy and friendly place so I like to remind everyone that Virginia natives are warm and welcoming too!

6. Take a walk. Or run. Just go outside. Maybe it isn’t super nice but it’s better than being cooped up at your desk or worse…in a classroom all day!


7. Try something new. I mean why not, right?

8. Go to a Superbowl party! It’s on Sunday and, yes, I have no interest in sports but the commercials are always entertaining! And if I go out to a party, I’ll get to socialize and eat delicious food! Again, another win-win.

Here’s a quote about the weather!


Maybe T. Swift wasn’t talking about the weather, but quotes are always up for interpretation!!!


One thought on “Staying Glad in the Gloomy

  1. I had such a fun time yesterday shopping with you! You’ve turned me into a Lilly lover! And you are always so much fun to be with.

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