Honesty Hour

So I got an idea from my blogger friend Megan to do an Honesty Day. I saw she did it on her blog and now I’m trying it out!

Honestly…I am obsessed with fashion. I believe fashion and style is a strong form of communication. I like to view fashion in the way it communicates with others. Since I’m studying communication, I study fashion too!

Honestly…I love running. I know it’s not for everyone, but even when it’s just a mile it is probably the best head-clearing therapy out there.

Honestly…I love candles. This time of year especially! Every night I have been lighting a scented candle while I do my reading for class.

Honestly…leggings/jeggings were a great invention. I haven’t worn real pants in over a year. And I’m not even sorry.

Honestly…I really want to find out who A is but I also never want Pretty Little Liars to end.


Honestly…I wonder who reads my blog. Like can I get a roll call?!?!

Honestly…I think I’m funny. If I’m not, don’t tell me. It would ruin my day.

Honestly…where is the sun?! Like seriously though.


Honestly…my coffee addiction is starting to take over my life. I have at least two a day. I say I can stop anytime I want to but honestly…I don’t know if I can!

Leave me some honest comments!!! I love hearing from my followers!



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