Peace, Love & Alpha Phi

Let’s talk about sororities. I am a sister of the Eta Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi and it is seriously such a good feeling. I love being apart of something and having the love, support and loyalty from my sisters. Now that we’re back on campus, I have finally gotten to see them and it makes me so happy! I was even MORE happy when one of my pledge sisters told me she enjoys reading my blog. I love positive reinforcement! Last week another sister told me she noticed how hard I worked in school last semester. Seriously, compliments like that make me want to work even harder!


Today I can’t report too much on fashion because it’s Letters Day. Every so often we choose a day in the week where the whole chapter wears letters. Since I lost my chapter letters (aka gave them to my niecey) I am wearing my big brother letters instead!


Letters aren’t some cool t-shirt to wear to make us look like we are better than everyone else not affiliated. They represent our chapter’s values and although we are all so different, they help to unify us as one.

As much as I love my chapter, I love being in a sorority because it has helped me meet girls in other chapters too! There are classes I have had or places I’ve been to where I’ve seen girls in other chapters and we became instant friends because we have that Panhellenic bond.

Most importantly, if I wasn’t in a sorority how would I have ever met my roommate or my big?!

581424_10151050075818176_1836661890_n  387385_10150412898186596_358849464_n

Lastly, Lilly makes sorority prints! Here is ours (my favorite one)!!!


I hope my sisters reading this love me! And I hope those of you who hate sororities don’t hate me! I understand they’re not for everyone, but don’t judge!!! xox



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