Winter Warm

It has been a fun and busy weekend and I feel bad for not posting in way too long! I feel overdue! I need an editor to keep me on track or something. I saw this quote this morning on Pinterest and it made me think.


Since I love fashion, I look for fashion and style for myself as well as on others. It doesn’t just stop with women’s fashion…Last night I even helped one of my guy friends pick out a cute shirt to wear for when we were all hanging out.

photo 5-15

Since it’s been cold where I go to school (aka SNOWING) all of us have been wearing sweaters and scarves regardless of where we are. These past few nights when I’ve gone out, I wanted to look cute but I seriously needed to dress for warmth also! I think my friends and I are still able to pull off style while dressing for warmth! What do you think?

photo 2-34  photo 1-1

Just because you live somewhere where it’s snowing, doesn’t mean you still need to wear a tank top and skirt to look acceptable for going out. Comfortable can be cute as long as you do it right! We prefer sweaters with a little decorative scarf with jeans/leggings and boots and maybe even throw in a cross-body bag!

Stay warm followers and look out for many posts this week!!!



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