First Week in Outfits!

Congratulations! You made it through your first day back! I have gotten a lot of requests to post on what to wear for the first week of classes to make a good impression and, of course, be fashionable! Today I kept it simple. I wore my Heidi cardigan in Lagoon Green complimented by my Shake It Murfee scarf! Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m an outfit repeater. I’m not ashamed. It works!


That’s a throwback picture right there! You can tell by the Christmas tree! My roommates also went with the simple cardigan and scarf look with a huge coat. I mean it was 20 degrees…we didn’t have much of a choice!

There are always questionable items to wear the first week of classes and here is my opinion on them!


I say: Yes. I don’t see them as a problem when you’re wearing them appropriately as pants with a sweater or top long enough to cover the right places.


I say: This is one I always struggle with! Some say “do you really want your professor to know you’re in Greek life” and others say “they will find out soon enough!” Honestly, if you feel comfortable representing your organization then why not?


I say: Why? It’s the first week back..I’m sure you can do a little better than sweats!


I say: This is similar to letters. If you feel super loyal to your team or they just had a win, go for it. Sports aren’t my thing…just ask my big!!!


Here is a perfect example of a cute and studious outfit for a great first week of classes! Model credit: my roommate Corrine!

photo 4-21

Enjoy the new semester and don’t hold onto the anger from the past one!



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